Fishery Management

We are a fishery consultancy in Reading

Whether you have a fish pond or an aquarium, we can advise you on managing your fish. Contact LWB Aquatic Services today!
We Help You Maintain Your Fish Pond

A fishery management company

Aquariums and fish ponds are popular water features at homes and commercial spaces. We help you understand which fish to home together, how to clean the water features and what to feed the fish. We also offer consultancy services to maintain the health of the fish, advise on how often to change the water and how to test it for harmful elements. For aquarium and fish pond maintenance contracts, get in touch with your local fishery consultancy today!
Image of floating fishes
Image of a pair of fish

Fishery services include:

  • Pond netting
  • Snag removal
  • Weed cutting
  • Plant management
  • Fishery maintenance contracts
We also build ponds, renovate waterfalls and undertake pond maintenance.
Pond Construction
For fishery management, call LWB Aquatic Services, Reading on 
07809 721 170
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